Laguna - The Professional and other plays - Dušan Kovačević - Knjige o kojima se priča
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The Professional and other plays
Format: 13x20 cm
Pismo: Latinica
Povez: Mek
Prevodilac: Randall A. Major
U pripremi
Datum objavljivanja: mart 2021.
“Even though The Professional is politically oriented, it had a wonderful story, which can be the hart of any medium. The story of two people, two wills, two souls that carry within themselves tragedy, humor, hopelessness, and humanness is a universal theme. I really enjoyed it.” Robert Redford

The Professional, an ingenious, resonant and soulful comedy about the Communist meltdown in Eastern Europe, offers a bleakly comic and poignant picture of the ways in which people adapt, haplessly and heroically, in the grip of institutionalized oppression. In its fanciful yet oddly plausible scenario of a secret police who end up preserving the very ideas they sought to destroy, it’s also strangely hopeful”. Steven Winn, San Francisco Chronicle

“The fascinating, satisfying, timely work!” Janos Gereben, The Post

“A funny, rueful and ultimately disturbing Serbian comedies that combine cautious optimism at the collapse of old tyrannies with a shrugging uncertainty about the future. The author echoes Kafka in his wry, fatalistic laughter…” Martin Hoyle, The Times
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